Tim Bullion

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Tim Bullion<

Account Manager

Tim Bullion is originally from Baton Rouge, LA. Gardening has always been a part of his life growing up. After years in construction, Tim achieved a degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University, LSU, He worked at Roy Ashlet and Assoc. in Atlanta before returning to the gulf coast in 1991, and joined Morrison's Nursery. This yeilded 25 years in the Design/Build field specializing in Residential design. Working at a nursery enhanced his horticulture knowledge and stregthened his plant identification. In 2018 Morrison Landscapes merged with Bay Landscaping, Inc. and Tim has moved into the position of Maintenance Account Manager.

Tim enjoys the beach, traveling, reading, and pursues live music.

Fun Fact- Tim prides himself in plant nomenclature and being quized on the genus and species of any plant or tree.

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